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A Heart for South America

Since February 2020 , I started continue to serve people in need as communications manager for the Swiss NPO indicamino who is running projects in South America.

What does it mean?

Job: 80%

Organisation: indicamino Switzerland (NPO)

Workplace: Wil, Switzerland

Mission: Living the gospel with indigenous people
Position: Communications Manager
Payment: self-financing through donations with a minimum wage for employees in Switzerland

Background Story

Three year as a full time volunteer for the Hong Kong based NGO Crossroads Foundation has not changed my perspective only for a short time but has rather caused a complete shift in what I want in life. Instead of going back to a safe and well-payed job in the normal business sector, I have decided to continue serving people in need with my skills in graphic design and communications. At the same time, I was eager to go back to Switzerland after three years abroad to be reunited with my family and friends. The new opportunity to work as communications manager for the Swiss based NPO indicamino has perfectly combined these two desires for me.

Wie es dazu kam
What moves me

Through my time in Hong Kong and the loss of financial security and my comfort zone, I had the priviledge of experiencing God's presence and provision in my life. My heart for Hong Kong has turned into a heart for people and for God. My eyes have been opened and I can't close them again.  There is so much suffering and hopelessness in this world and although I know, that we can't help everyone,  I want at least contribute my share to help as many people as possible in a practical as well as spritual way.

Was mich bewegt
About indicamino

indicamino is an independent Christian missionary orgaisation (NPO) who is fully financend  through donations and runs different projects with ethnical minorities and indigenous people in Peru, Bolivia and Columbia. indicamino was founded 1956 in Switzerland and is supported by churches, Christian communities and friends.

The name "indicamino" plays with the Spanish word for road sign (idicador de camino). indicamino's mission is to be a road sign to Jesus Christ who says about himselft: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14,6)

indicamino has started its mission with the first training center in Peru. Today, they're running 5 training centers in Peru, Bolivia and Columbia with the following projects:



Comprehensive theologic education and bible studies for native South American Christans. The lessons respect their culture and engages with their world view.


Vocational training

All projects have the goal to combine help with education. They offer job trainings within their own infrastructure: health clinic, printer, workshop, carpentry, administration, school, guest house, tropical agriculture with small animals and Zebu breeding.


Slum work in Lima

In the poor areas of Lima, many children don't have enough to eat. Therefore, indicamino offers daily lunch packages and kids clubs to childrens in the slum areas.  But not only childrens are beneficaries. indicamino also offers classes around money and finances for adults and small business startups.

Über Indicamino
Become a part of the work in South America

indicamino is fully financed trough donations and so are all emloyees. Find everything you need to know about donations and how you can support me on my way here: 

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