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Crossroads Foundation
Hong Kong

I volunteered from 2017 to 2019 as a graphic designer and communications manager for a Hong Kong based NGO, which understands itself as an intersection between those who can help and those who need help.


This complex work can't be summerised in just a few words. Read more about Crossroads and the reasons I decided to work for this organisation in the separate section "A heart for Hong Kong".

Salt & Light Uganda
A David Livingstone Project

David Livingstone was 15 years old when the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Joseph Kony surrounded his school and abducted the frightened students in the bush. The LRA rebells forced the boys to pillage, torture and murder while the girls have been sold for ammunition to neighbor countries or kept in the camp as brides for the soldiers.

After six months as a child soldier for the LRA and another six months in a prison, David was able to flee the country and to find shelter at his aunts house. Years later, David returns to the place where his horrible story began and gets confronted with a lost generation. Young adults like him, traumatized from the war and without education, struggle to give their children a better future.

Deeply touched by the hopelessness, David makes a decision to help his brothers and sisters in Uganda and founds his NGO Salt&Light Uganda in 2000. The organization has projects in four main fields: medical supply, education for children and adults, rural projects and water supply.

I had the chance to meet David Livingstone in person. While we talked about his work, I heard that he doesn't have any advertising material or a website for his organization what makes it really hard for him to engage with international people to get funds for his work. Very touched by his story and his courage to help his people, I decided to create him a website and a brochure for his organization at no charge. It's my honor to support David Livingstone with further graphic design work in the future.

Eden Ministry
Hong Kong

Another project that is really on my hear is the work of EDEN Ministry. Eden is active in the red-lights districts all over Asia to support and bring hope to victims of human trafficking. The women who come to Eden learn how to design jewellery to process their traumas and to walk step by step into freedom. Behind every piece of jewellery there's a personal story of pain and new hope.

What makes the work of Eden Ministry very unique is that they not only support women in the red-lights districts they also offer help to the pimps. They believe, that many of these men became like that because of there own tragic story and that they also crave for hope.


I'm very pleased that I was able to support EDEN Ministry Hong Kong with small graphic design tasks.


"Between 80-95% of Bangladeshi women aren’t using sanitary products because they either can’t afford them or they are inaccessible. Instead, many women use cloth or torn sari known as ‘nekra’."

At Reemi it is all about periods and helping women in developed countries, especially in Bangladesh,  who are suffering from various health problems due to unhygenic clothes, cultural stigmata, poverty and lack of education. The founders of Reemi want to bring change into the lives of these women by providing access to menstrual products and health education as well as an open dialog about periods to fight against cultural tabus.

From woman to woman I can honestly say it is my pleasure to support this project with my design knowledge right from the beginning. I almost worked one year together with one of the founders of Reemi and I'm certain that this project will bring a big change to many women in developed countries.

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