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About me

I love to plan travels because I believe it is a wonderful way to learn more about countries and people I would like to visit and meet in person. I am fascinated of foreign cultures and their history and I love to discover the very unique heartbeat of every single country and city I visit.


My passion for cultures goes hand in hand with my interest in history and art. I like to research the interpretation of pictorial elements, imagery and allegory in art paintings and could listen to the hidden stories and mysteries they tell for hours.

In 2017, I probably started the journey of my life when I moved from Switzerland to Hong Kong to volunteer full time as a Graphic Designer for a Hong Kong based NGO. Read more

Since December 2019, I'm back in Switzerland. I have dedicated my skills in communications and graphic design to the Swiss non-profit and missionary organisation indicamino.

Andrea Müller (former Kuhn)

Certified Designer with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Communication Design

born on 11 August 1984


German – first language

English – fluent

2020 – present

CEO, Head of Communications & Fundraising

indicamino, Wil, Switzerland

2017 – 2019

Communications Manager / Graphic Designer

Crossroads Foundation, Hong Kong


2010 – 2016

Graphic Designer / Marketing Assistance

Rapp Auction House, Wil, Switzerland


2007 – 2010

Certified Designer with Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Communication Design

School of Art & Design, Switzerland


2005 – 2010

Graphic and Layout Designer

Publishing House Tobler & Mummenschanz Foundation, Altstätten, Switzerland


2004 – 2005

Internship as Typographical Designer


2000 – 2004

Certified Offset Printer with Federal Diploma of VET

Curriculum Vitae
Professional Experience

While being a team player and able to work in cooperation with external and internal parties such as photographers, video teams, print companies and agencies, I am also able to work independently and deliver your project within agreed upon time frames.

Besides general graphic design skills, my professional experience includes managing multimedia projects; creation of websites as well as their maintenance; content strategy for newsletters; websites and advertisements; setup and supervision of various Social Media profiles as well as online marketing actions and project management of extensive book and catalogue projects. Furthermore, I have been regularly involved in concept work for sophisticated events like exclusive art, jewelry and stamp exhibitions.

Self-initiative is very important to me both within my own work but also in collaboration with partners, clients and colleagues. As such, I am always keen to listen to team member’s ideas and constructive suggestions concerning projects. This is helpful for my coordination and leadership of a team as it enables me to manage projects with an easy confidence and get the best from team members.

Additionally, during my six years as designer for one of the leading auction houses for stamps, coins and art, it was necessary for me to be able to perform in every role within the organization. That experience has enabled me to be flexible in undertaking different tasks as well as having self-confidence working with various parties like clients, press, partners and co-workers. I see this as a benefit in today's business world where flexibility and the willingness to help where help is needed has increasingly become more important.

Today, I dedicate all my experiences to help people in need around the world. Furthermore, my role as Head of Communications for a Hong Kong based NGO gave me the chance to broaden my horizons by living an working in a international community.

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